Smart planning

One of my favorite tools to keep me on track with my ASEA business and life in general is the Self Journal. This is a combination of a book, a journal and a planner that you can download for free.

We have heard from so many great leaders that "failing top plan is planning to fail", and that it's very important to start every morning writing down the  few most important things to do today to reach your weekly goal and e.g. your next rank in ASEA. We have also heard how important it is to spend some time to reflect on last week, what went well, what we have learned and what we want to improve. And of course what we are grateful about...

The Self Journal makes all of this really easy. If you start your day with just 5 minutes with this journal, planning the day, writing down what you are grateful about, and in the evening spend another 5 minutes writing down a few things, you will get much more focused and will me more likely to reach your goals. 

The Self Journal starts with a few pages explanation how to use the book, so it's easy to get full effect from it. 

Morten Andersen

(I have no financial interest of the Self Journal, I'm just a satisfied user.
Many leaders in my team use the journal and love it. And it's free as a PDF book). 

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